Would you rather be here ?
We might not be able to actually get you here but with an Apperson scanner from OMR Solutions we can get some of your precious time back so it feels like you are on a tropical island instead of grading exam papers for hours on end.
Advantages of using OMR scanners
Using OMR scanners and forms is one of Fastest, Efficient and Accurate, methods of conducting Multiple Choice Exams. This technology is accepted World-Wide and used extensively throughout Australian Universities.
We have over a decade of industry experience and partner with the only the best suppliers from around the world.
Fastest Processing and Results Preparation compared to alternative methods.
100% Accurate, very efficient systems and high speeds.
No Human errors when marking results or compiling reports.
Greatly reduced chances for manipulation of results.
Extremely reliable with low maintenance equipment and simple software.
Cost is minimized as exams are processed quickly and accurately with instant results for students and teachers.

What we do
The most complete solution for digitally capturing & reporting data from paper assessments.
Assess Performance & Measure Success with the Apperson DataLink Suite of Test Scanners, Answer Sheets and Reporting Software.
There are 3 scanners in the range which means there will be one just right for your situation. Use as a stand alone scanner or connected to a Windows or Mac PC/Laptop.
Choose from a range of pre-printed forms with a variety of question counts and answer ranges. All forms are printed with a 100% guarantee to scan.
Every scanner comes bundled with our DataLink analysis software free of charge. A powerful yet simple to use package with many pre-loaded report templates.
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